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Help shape the market – with our new products 

More and more, private labels are becoming trendsetters. To stay at the cutting edge of the dynamic OTC market at all times, you need creativity and courage in the form of regular innovative product launches.

EVP is the ideal partner here: we are constantly designing new products for the retail health section, products with which our customers can set themselves apart from the competition and convince the consumer. Regardless of whether you want individually developed new articles or established products that have been cleverly enhanced in terms of the dosage form or ingredients – we'll help you to stay one step ahead!

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New products

Beauty by Nature Beauty-by-Nature FOOD SUPPLEMENT Beauty from within with natural vitamin C of the camu camu fruit Beauty By Nature S k i n , H a i r a n d N a i l s Capsules
Beauty Collagen Vials Beauty-Collagen-Vials FOOD SUPPLEMENT For beautiful and healthy skin - with 3,000 mg collagen Vials à 25 ml Beauty Collagen S k i n , H a i r a n d N a i l s Vials
Calcium 1000+D3 Chewable Tablets Calcium-1000+D3-Chewable-Tablets FOOD SUPPLEMENT Calcium 1.000 + D3 Chewable tablets V i t a m i n s a n d M i n e r a l s healthy bones & teeth the preservation of As a contribution to Chewable Tablets
Calcium600+VitaminD3+K 2 Calcium600+VitaminD3+K FOOD SUPPLEMENT Calcium Vitamin D3+K Support for muscle function & electrolyte balance Sticks à 3,75 g V i t a m i n s a n d M i n e r a l s Supports the preser- vation of healthy bones & teeth Tablets V i t a m i n s a n d M i n e r a l s 600
CollagenPLUS Glucosamine Chondroitin Drinking Granules CollagenPLUS-Glucosamine-Chondroitin-Drinking-Granules FOOD SUPPLEMENT Collagen PLUS Glucosamine Chondroitin Drinking Granules R h e u m a t i s m a n d M u s c l e PLUS Vitamin C and D for normal bones and cartilage function Sachets à 10 g
Turmeric Extract Capsules Turmeric-Extract-Capsules FOOD SUPPLEMENT V i t a m i n s a n d M i n e r a l s Turmeric Extract Capsules 300 mg curcuminoids per capsule - with peperin for better bioavailability Capsules
Cyclus Balance Capsules Cyclus-Balance-Capsules FOOD SUPPLEMENT Cyclus- Balance Capsules Capsules V i t a m i n s a n d M i n e r a l s during the cycle For female well-being
Fruit gummies ImmuneActive VitaminC+Zinc 0 Fruit-gummies-ImmuneActive-VitaminC+Zinc
Hemorrhoid Ointment Hemorrhoid-Ointment MEDICAL DEVICE G a s t r o i n t e s t i n a l t r a c t Relief of complaints caused by haemorrhoids Hemorrhoid Ointment Ointment
Hot Drink Acerola Cherry Hot-Drink-Acerola-Cherry FOOD SUPPLEMENT Hot Drink Acerola - Cherry Lozonges C o u g h a n d C o l d Sticks à 5 g to support the immune With vitamin C + zinc system C o u g h a n d C o l d
Hyaluron Lycopene Coenzyme Q10 Hyaluron-Lycopene-Coenzyme-Q10 DIETARY SUPPLEMENT Vitamin D Pearls 1000 IE As Contributes to the maintenance of healthy bones Pearls V i t a m i n s a n d M i n e r a l s 3 30 FOOD SUPPLEMENT Supports the natural beauty of the skin Capsules S k i n , H a i r a n d N a i l s Lycopene Hyaluron 60 +Coenzyme Q10 +
Immune Direct Sticks with Ginger Immune-Direct-Sticks-with-Ginger FOOD SUPPLEMENT Immune Direct Sticks with Ginger With zinc and vitamin C as a contribution to a healthy function of the immune system Sticks à 2 g V i t a m i n s a n d M i n e r a l s
Intestinal Activator Psyllium Seeds PLUS Intestinal-Activator-Psyllium-Seeds-PLUS FOOD SUPPLEMENT Intestinal Activator Psyllium Seeds PLUS Supports digestion in a natural way Sachets à 3,5g G a s t r o i n t e s t i n a l a n d D i g e s t i o n
Intestinal Balance Direct Sticks+Calcium Intestinal-Balance-Direct-Sticks+Calcium FOOD SUPPLEMENT Intestinal Balance Direct Sticks + Calcium 3 billion lactic acid and bifido cultures (Bifido- bacterium lactis and Lactobacillus acidophilus) Sticks à 1,5g G a s t r o i n t e s t i n a l a n d D i g e s t i o n